Tips on worming your (difficult) horse

Today we are covering deworming your horse and some methods you can use to handle the horse that can be difficult to deworm. The number one key for this to be a successful endeavor for both you and your horse is preparation. If you have a horse that you know is difficult (or you think may be difficult) plan a day or two ahead of time and prepare the horse before you attempt to treat them. So often we can make an issue much bigger by attacking it (whatever issue it may be) instead of taking the time and working with the necessary pieces that make up the bigger issue. If you are able to work with the horses head and mouth a day or two in advance it will be plenty of time to teach the horse the appropriate response, so that by the time either you or your vet administer a dewormer and or other vaccination your horse will handle it like a champ. As always I hope this video helps someone along the way and you are all enjoying your horses.

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