soldCozmo Reflector AKA Chinook

Sold to Ranch in California

soldPepto Olena Doc AKA Toledo

Sold to Ranch in Texas


Sold to Ranch in Hawaii

soldOSR Little Kandyman AKA Kandyman

Sold to Ranch in Colorado

soldWF Shastas PeppyFire AKA Duke

Sold to Ranch in California

soldMRI Pumpernickel Pep AKA Merle

Sold to Ranch in Indiana


soldColonels Nu Gun AKA Gunner

Sold to Ranch in Idaho


I thought I would give you an update on how great Gunner is doing. Got back from a week long ride in California where there were around 700 horses. Rode through Santa Ynez in a parade and did several other rides with him. But the most impressive thing was what happened in a team branding event that was watched by most of the people on the ride where two of us had to head and heal two calves. They were wild Mexican calves that weighed around 300#. I had just roped one when the other one ran under Gunner right at my stirrup. He humped a little and I started to pull my dallies thinking this is going to be great, bucked off in front of 700 guys. But Gunner never did anything more than set back down and start to pull. What a great horse. He is an outstanding compliment to your training.

Thanks, Dick

sold Alister AKA Pepto Party

Sold to ranch in Indiana


sold Arapaho

Sold to ranch in Montana

We pushed our cows up on our grazing allotment today and I rode Arapaho all day. It’s a tough assignment moving cows through the forest uphill for about five miles. He performed like a champ. Gave me everything he had and still out walked everybody else on the walk back home. What a great horse, but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. I feel privileged to share the company of this horse.

John B

soldMeyer Holla Berry

Sold to family in Livingston, Montana

soldDouble Stuff

Sold to Ranch in Montana



sold Saratoga

Sold to ranch in Montana

sold Sexy

Sold to ranch in Montana

sold Whistler

Sold to ranch in California


sold Lucchesse

Sold to ranch in Montana

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